Cape San Blas Surf
Falling Waters
Florida Swamp at Midnight
Green Tree Frogs
Mexico Beach Fireworks
Ultimate Thunderstorm or
    Mellow Thunderstorm
Torreya Walk
Bugs of Summer

Beach Storm
   Mellow Beach Storm
Beach Storm with Frogs
   Mellow Beach Storm with Frogs
Beach Storm with Mockingbird
   Mellow Beach Storm with Mockingbird
Thunderstorm with Tree Frogs
   Mellow Thunderstorm with Tree Frogs
   Frog Weather
Equipment used:  Marantz CDR300 portable CD recorder, Sony ECM-MS957 professional stereo microphone, Rycote Mini windjammer, CoolEdit 2000 with Studio.  The images below are linked to more information about the equipment.
Marantz CDR300 Portable CD recorder Sony ECM-MS957 stereo microphone Sony Mic with Mini Windjammer
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