I've purchased commercially produced nature recordings of thunderstorms ... and thought I could do a better job, I believe I have done that.  There is no music, just a really nice thunderstorm.

I'd made recordings of thunderstorms over a period of three decades.  And, although some of those were pretty impressive, I've never really been satisfied with the results until technology caught up to allow what I'm offering to you here.  The problem with analog tape is the lower dynamic range, i.e. with the recording level set to capture the thunderclaps without distortion, the quieter portions between thunder tend to be buried in tape hiss.  The audio CD recorder provides the signal to noise ratio essential for this type of recording.  If you have a high end stereo, you won't be disappointed either ... although your neighbors might be.  Here is a recording you can use to show off your system! 
You might enjoy pushing the limits of your audio system for a wall jarring 'in your face' experience. There is a lot of detail in this 73 minute recording. The thunder ranges from distant low rumbles to the sharp explosive crack of a near strike!  Listen to a brief sample in mp3 format here.

Many possible uses:  Low volume for a relaxing ambient or noise masking playback ... many people love to 'sleep in' when the sky is rumbling, so it might even work for you as a sleep aid.  But, another recording available on this site, Mellow Thunderstorm, might be more appropriate as a sleep aid.
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Awesome CD THANKS!
Excellent recordings...
great product, very well done
A True Thunderstorm experince! Thanks!
Awesome CD, I love it , Great service too
Thank you for a great recording. Recommended
Very Happy! Wonderful Quality! Thanks a Bunch!
Great, quality cd, fast shipping too, thanks!!
No less than amazing! I will be a repeat customer!
Another great transaction! This guys CD's are incredible!
Excellent product!! Super fast shipping!! Perfect transaction.
Well done recording, definitely for thunderstorm lovers, THANKS!
What an incredible CD~ fast shipping~nice, talented guy~5 stars *****
Incredible CD! Sound is crisp, clear; the best thunderstorm ever! Thanks!
Awesome thunderstorm!!! Natural nature sounds - no funky music! Thank You : )
Great CD, soothing sounds - arrived quickly, seller easy to work with. Thanks!
This is the best Thunderstorm CD I've ever heard. I can't stop listening to it.
I received the package like lightning (pun intended) and it's great! Thank you!
A wonderful, awesome cd!! You are an artist! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!
This thunderstorm CD is so much better quality than the store Cds..Great sound!!
FIRCE THUNDERSTORM! waiting for lighting to hit me,LOVED IT!! will buy more cds!
One of the most violent thunderstorms I have ever heard and little or no doctoring
s ambient sounds digitally mastered digital mastering ambient soundscapes sound effects sfx
This is an original nature sounds digital recording, recorded by me.
If your intended uses are noise masking, sleep aid orEstimated download time metaphysical, this MP3 will serve you just fine.  It is available for immediate download, and is less expensive than the CD.  You will receive an email with download instructions and have up to 48 hours to download the file.  Only $5.00!

For best fidelity, you'll want the CD.  It is not a mass produced CD... what you will receive is a hand labeled Maxell or Memorex CD-R in a slim case, mailed USPS First Class in a bubble pack envelope.  Only $9.00, shipping included!
If delivery is to anywhere other than the USA, please use this second button, you will be charged an additional $2.00 to cover extra S&H.  Total cost outside the USA is $11.00
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