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    Nearly all pages on this site have the same format.  That is, a large photograph of some location or feature in Bay County Florida, and navigation controls.  Most of the street intersections will also have small images of the actual street signs at the location, and a brief text description of the location.  In situations where there is something interesting to view nearby the intersection, there may be text links found below the main photo.
    The navigation controls consist of right and left arrows, to switch view to right and left, respectively.  To turn 180 degrees, double click on either arrow.  To move forward to the next intersection, click on the main photograph.  Where applicable ... there will be a traffic signal icon, clicking on this advances to the next intersection with a signal light.  I hope the interface is intuitive enough to make reading this description unnecessary. 
The dates seen at the bottom of most pages are not the page creation date, they are the date the photograph was taken ... usually not the same dates.
    If you have your screen resolution set at 800x600 you might have to scroll down to check for any related links at the foot (sorry).  The site is not very friendly to 640x480.  I've tried to design it so that it is at least hospitable to the former.  At 1024x768 the images won't be screen filling, but that is probably where the site works best.  This is a work in progress, if you cannot move in a particular direction, that is because I haven't covered it yet.

    You may view a map showing locations done here.

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More INFO, including history, links to individual locations, and contact info.

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