Image of PeacepondIt is evening, and you're sitting at the edge of a small pond on the outskirts of town.  It is SpringGreen Tree Frog, Hyla cinerea and you're glad you've got your mosquito repellant on!  The green tree frogs in the pond are earnestly engaged in their springtime mating chorus.  There is a lot of detail in this recording.  Across the pond from you there are a few houses, and once in a while you can hear somebody's dog yapping.  A thunderstorm moves in and doesn't look like it is going to leave in any hurry.  A vehicle passes by every once in a while on the road a short distance away ... and if you listen for it you can even hear the rumbling of a distant paper mill.  These extraneous sounds simply add to the experience.  The thunder ranges from distant low rumbles to the sharp explosive crack of a near strike!  The frogs' chorus ebbs and flows, sometimes the nearer ones become silent while the opposite side of the pond continues.  You could imagine that they've paused long enough to listen to the other side of the pond for a moment.  And, as the evening wears on they wear down and put it to bed for the night.
There is no music, just a really nice thunderstorm, and the chorus of Green Tree Frogs in the background. 
Many possible uses:  Low volume for a relaxing ambient or noise masking playback ... many people love to 'sleep in' when the sky is rumbling, so it might even work for you as a sleep aid.
In this version, I have 'tamed down' the sharpest cracks of thunder.  I have a version available which features a wider dynamic range in the thunderstorm track, Thunderstorm with Tree Frogs.
Also, a version in which the Green Tree Frogs have a much more prominent position in the recording, titled Frog Weather.
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This is an original nature sounds digital recording, recorded by me.  You can listen to a brief sample in MP3 format here.  This recording is a mix down of two of my other recordings, Mellow Thunderstorm and Green Tree Frogs, both of which are available separately on this site.  This recording is 77 minutes long.
Here is what some buyers have said about this recording.

Love this cd! Great sleep aid, thanks!
GREAT CD! Thank you!
Excellent, thank you.

If your intended uses are noise masking, sleep aid orEstimated download time metaphysical, this MP3 will serve you just fine.  It is available for immediate download, and is less expensive than the CD.  You will receive an email with download instructions and have up to 48 hours to download the file.  Only $5.00!
For best fidelity, you'll want the CD.  It is not a mass produced CD... what you will receive is a hand labeled Maxell or Memorex CD-R in a slim case, mailed USPS First Class in a bubble pack envelope.  Only $9.00, shipping included!
If delivery is to anywhere other than the USA, please use this second button, you will be charged an additional $2.00 to cover extra S&H.  Total cost outside the USA is $11.00
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