Some call these environmental recordings, others call them nature sounds.  Some enjoy them at full volume or on headphones, others like to use them at a lower playback level for ambiance or for masking out other, unwanted noises.  Those who are into the metaphysical have their uses too.

These aren't mass produced CDs, what you will receive are hand labeled CD-Rs.  They are made from high quality digital masters, original recordings made with some top notch equipment pictured at the bottom of this page.  I also offer some of the recordings for download in MP3 format.  For the full digital quality of my recordings you'll want to buy the CDs.  But, if your main interest is noise masking or metaphysical the MP3s might be just what you need.
You may either browse from the linked images below, or check out the FULL LIST of recordings.  At present, there are 16 different titles available ... twice as many as are represented below.
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Green Tree Frogs

Ultimate Thunderstorm

Thunderstorm with Green Tree Frogs

Cape San Blas Surf

4th of July Fireworks

Beach Storm, surf with thunder and frogs

Falling Waters

Torreya State Park (in the works)
Bugs of Summer (in the works)
Equipment used:  Marantz CDR300 portable CD recorder, Sony ECM-MS957 professional stereo microphone, Rycote Mini windjammer, CoolEdit 2000 with Studio.  The images below are linked to more information about the equipment.
Marantz CDR300 Portable CD recorder Sony Mic with Mini Windjammer Sony ECM-MS957 stereo microphone

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